Perks of Newcastle Driving School over Parent-Taught Driving

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  • Posted onOct 20 2016

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Parents always have the best interest of their child in every aspect. But learning from the professionals has its own perks be it anything. In the case of driving lessons in Newcastle, there is no substitute for getting to learn the rules of the road by the professionals themselves. Driving is a great responsibility as you have to keep your eyes and ears open apart from being thoroughly trained. This is because you have to be in full control of your vehicle as otherwise, your driving can pose a life threat to not only to your fellow travellers but also to the other commuters on the road.

The professional instructors of the reputed Newcastle driving school have years of experience of guiding students behind the wheels. That is why they are a far better option than learning to drive alone or with the help of your relatives. Below are mentioned some of the perks of choosing the professionals.

  • Student Insurance Discounts – Insurance companies recognise students who are formally trained and accredited through driving school courses. They offer great discounts on insurance policies. On the other hand, students who are taught by their parents following the driving instruction manual do not receive the same level of discounts. This is because the companies know that the premium Newcastle driving school has the time and the resources for committing that are often not possible by the parents.
  • Conveniently Scheduled Classes – One of the greatest challenges that parents face while teaching their kids over 1500 pages of information is finding the time to train them throughout the week. But the professional schools teach them in scheduled classes that fit around their school or college hours. For parents who don’t have the time each week to teach their kids, it is best to sign up their daughter or son for driving schools.
  • Parents Taught Driving Linked to Higher Accident Rates – The latest data reveal that parent-taught drivers are more prone to commit accidents than those who are professionally trained. In fact, research shows that people who are taught by anyone but the professionals are involved in the most serious crashes. Parent-taught drivers are as much as three times more prone to accidents than those who are professionally trained.
  • Driving School Can be Cost Effective – Many-a-times, it so happens that parents go for self-teaching their kids to save the extra bucks. But, you should keep in mind that in order to teach, you need to purchase the parents-teaching drivers’ package. This will enable them to know all the laws of the land, signs and other critical information related to driving. But this way, they will miss out on the savings in the insurance when their kids begin to drive. But those who opt for the professional affordable driving lessons in Newcastle can avail the discounts on the car insurance. So this proves that the parent-taught driving may save a bit of money initially, but in the long run, these rarely provide value.
  • Right Experience of teaching – The professional schools have the apt experience and know where the students tend to lack. That is why they work on those weak points so that the trainee drivers can easily overcome them. This is something that the parents will not be able to deliver as they do not possess the required expertise and experience in the field.

The above are some of the reasons why you should always go for professional driving schools rather teaching your kids yourself. This way you prepare them better to hit the road and gain control in adverse conditions.


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