Imperatives of the First Newcastle Driving Lessons

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  • Posted onMay 13 2016

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Learning to drive has become essential these days. For this, it is crucial that you select the apt driving school in Newcastle. Getting behind the wheels may turn out to be quite nerve-wracking at first. It is a big day for you when you go out on the first day of getting your driving lessons. This makes it necessary that you have a fair idea of what to expect on the first day of your driving experience.

Newcastle driving lessons

Prior to Taking Your Lessons
  • Don’t drink on the night before taking the lesson
  • Get some good amount of sleep on the night before
  • Taking ample breakfast is a must
  • Go for very comfortable, non-slippery shoes so that you are able to drive safely
  • You can take your glasses if you require them
  • Don’t forget to take your provisional licence at the time you need them
The Pick-Up

If you are thinking that you will board the car and get into the driving seat straight away then you will be pleased to know that this is not the situation. At first, you will be getting into the passenger seat and then the instructor will take you to a quiet place for teaching the first steps of the Newcastle driving lessons. This includes comprehending the basic steps of driving.

Safety Measures
After you are brought to a place that is quiet and has a low traffic, you will be asked by your instructor to switch seats. This may seem a bit weird. But this is done so that you can have the basic lessons in the proper manner and be familiar with the things that need to be done before boarding the car.

These safety measures include the following:

  • Doors must be closed
  • Steering position must be established
  • Sitting in a comfortable position
  • Mirrors must be adjusted in the proper manner
  • Seatbelts must be put on

These are known as cockpit drill. You should be well accustomed to these techniques and must ensure that they are properly accomplished every time you start driving.

Learning the Controls

After this, you will get to know about the accelerator, the brake and the clutch and how to use them. You may also learn how to use the indicator and how to go about changing the gear. You should always ask the instructor time and again if you need to know about any query that you need to clarify.

Getting to know the road

Finally, it is time to know the road well. Before you go about starting the engine a few procedures will be explained to you by your instructor like the following:

  • Controlling the clutch including the biting point
  • Getting ready to use your gears while moving
  • Signalling with the help of your indicator
  • Checking the blind spots as well as the mirror
  • Restricting side parking
  • Changing gear

The above are some of the things that you may expect on the first day of lesson from Newcastle driving school. So just be prepared and gear up for your first day behind the wheels.


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