Common Blunders You Avoid By Taking Driving Lessons

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  • Posted onApr 24 2018

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Statistically, it is found that around 90% of drivers consider themselves superior in skills to the others. Some even categorize other drivers having median level driving skills.

BUT ALL THIS IS A STRONG SELF-DECEPTION. Accidents always happen, and most importantly it can happen to the very best drivers around.

But if there is one way by which you can ensure that these accidents are kept to a minimum, it is taking up comprehensive driving lessons in Newcastle, NSW. Those who have never taken control of the steering wheel, this is their first step to becoming a responsible driver.

Take a Look at the Common Blunders To Avoid:

You will find numerous driving mistakes happening on the street. Those irresponsible drivers aren’t just creating problems for them, but they are also endangering the other drivers and pedestrians.

Look at these common blunders. You must have noticed them.
  • Cars making U-turns at the signal
  • The driver holding his phone between his head and shoulder to speak and drive together
  • Exiting a roundabout without sending out a left turn indication
  • Suddenly accelerating to get past the yellow light
  • Defying school rules and regulations about maintaining speed limits and honking ridiculously at pesky pedestrians or other vehicles

It is because of such driving actions that cause minor to even life-threatening accidents. Plus it’s also one of the prime causes of drivers getting booked or fined for rash driving.

What All Do You Learn?

If you have admitted yourself into a driving school, then your instructor will teach you about all the necessary driving etiquettes needed for safe driving.

  • When taking a left or right turn, your driving instructor will suggest you use the left or right indicator signal.
  • When making a U-turn, they will teach you to always approach the right lane with the appropriate signal.
  • At the time of entering a roundabout, you have to slow down to allow the vehicle in front to clear out. Along with that, you should keep the indicator sign-on (be if left or right) to let the driver behind you aware.
  • When changing lanes, your instructor will advise you to check the road instructions (if there) and drive slowly with the indicator flashing.
What Else?
Using headlights and Fog lights –

Should be around 200m behind the vehicle when moving in the same direction. The light should not be lifted as it causes difficulties for the other driver to sight.

Always Keep To The Left –

Top instructors will always recommend you to keep left when driving at a speed limit of 60-80km/h. You should avoid driving from the right side unless you are overtaking, turning to the right lane, driving across a busy street, or evading an obstacle.

Driving Around School or Hospital Zones –

Another important piece of a lesson that your driving instructor in Newcastle upon Tyne presents is recommending you do not exceed 40 km/h.

Along with these crucial tips, by taking up quality driving lessons in Newcastle via licensed driving instructors, you also learn how to handle the car and navigate it safely even on the busiest of roads.

Before your practical driving training, you will receive theoretic lessons about the car’s specs, what purpose they have and when to use them. These lessons are topped off with real-time drive experience.

Safe to say, by the time, your training is complete and your license is obtained, you will know everything there is to know about safe driving. And when that happens, you will be more prepared to handle all sorts of road obstacles happening now and then.

So, don’t think twice about taking up driving lessons. It will go a long way in safeguarding your life on the road!


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