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Looking For a Trustworthy Driving School? Use These Tips!

If you have made up your mind to learn driving, then it’s time to get enrolled in a trustworthy driving school in your area. Interestingly, you will have your work cut out, and there are so many good names to choose from.

That brings to an important question – How Do You Find A Reliable Agency?

Sort Names

You start by Shortlisting a few names from the internet:

This is the first step. You need to pick out names that have a good reputation in the market and have a wonderful student satisfaction record. When shortlisting, the aspects you need to check includes:

• Going through their client testimonial section and even asking for a few references that you can call and converse.
• Checking the reputation of their driving lessons in Newcastle NSW, and finding out if their number of years in the market.
• Confirming if your chosen driving school is accredited and actively participates in the Australian Driver and Traffic Education Association.
• And by examining their intensive course training modules, the experience of their trainers and also their behaviour in handling different pupils.

Course Modules N Training

Next Is Their Driving Courses and Training:

You will need to check if their driving course and training teach students how to handle both automatic as well as manual transmission vehicles. With that, you also need to check if the driving school has well-structured driving lessons depending on every student’s aptitude and skills.

Mock tests are very crucial to check how much their students have learned or perfected their driving skills. So, you need to check if the school also conducts simulated mock tests or not. To pass a driving test and gain confidence in driving, such tests play a crucial role, and for that, you have to check this aspect as well.

Invigilate Vehicle Condition

Check The Condition of Their Training Vehicles:

The quality of vehicles, when learning how to drive also plays a crucial role. Driving schools with a good reputation and pass rate will always ensure that each of their training cars is in proper working condition.

This safeguards you from getting into a dangerous situation and also allows you familiarise with all the vehicle specs. With increased familiarity, you will be more confident when you take control of its steering wheel and take it out into the open road.

Course Charges

Their Lesson Packages:

You cannot enrol in a driving school without checking what rates they are charging. On average, most driving schools charge similarly (give or take), but there are some who charge a bit extra.

The thing that you need to do is compare the rates of your selected agency with the rates of other names on your list. If the rates seem competitive and reasonable, then only think of moving ahead with that agency.

Always remember that top-rated driving schools in Newcastle, NSW proving comprehensive driving lessons in Newcastle, NSW will never charge more than needed. So check this aspect particularly when you don’t have any reason to pay extra.

These are some of those crucial tips that you should use when sorting your driving school. Use them smartly and get enrolled in a reputed agency only. As a good option, you can check out ‘Novocastrian Driver Training’ for its courses and rates.

Common Blunders You Avoid By Taking Driving Lessons

Statistically, it is found that around 90% of drivers consider themselves as superior in skills to the others. Some even categorize other drivers having median level driving skills.

BUT ALL THIS IS A STRONG SELF-DECEPTION. Accidents always happen, and most importantly it can happen to the very best drivers around.

But if there is one way by which you can ensure that these accidents are kept to a minimum, it is taking up comprehensive driving lessons in Newcastle, NSW. Those who have never taken control of the steering wheel, this is their first step to becoming a responsible driver.

Take a Look at the Common Blunders To Avoid:

Common Blunders To Avoid

You will find numerous driving mistakes happening on the street. Those irresponsible drivers aren’t just creating problems for them, but they are also endangering the other drivers and pedestrians.

Look at these common blunders. You must have noticed them.

  • Cars making U-turns at the signal
  • The driver holding his phone between his head and shoulder to speak and drive together
  • Exiting a roundabout without sending out a left turn indication
  • Suddenly accelerating to get past the yellow light
  • Defying school rules and regulations about maintaining speed limits and honking ridiculously at pesky pedestrians or other vehicles

It is because of such driving actions that cause minor to even life-threatening accidents. Plus it’s also one of the prime causes of drivers getting booked or fined for rash driving.

What All Do You Learn?

driving school

If you have admitted yourself into a driving school, then your instructor will teach you about all the necessary driving etiquettes needed for safe driving.

  • When taking a left or right turn, your driving instructor will suggest you use the left or right indicator signal.
  • When making a U-turn, they will teach you to always approach the right lane with the appropriate signal.
  • At the time of entering a roundabout, you have to slow down to allow the vehicle in front to clear out. Along with that, you should keep the indicator sign on (be if left or right) to let the driver behind you aware.
  • When changing lanes, your instructor will advise you to check the road instructions (if there) and drive slowly with the indicator flashing.


What Else?

driving lessons in Newcastle

Using headlights and Fog lights

Should be around 200m behind the vehicle when moving in the same direction. The light should not be lifted as it causes difficulties for the other driver to sight.

Always Keep To The Left

Top instructors will always recommend you to keep left when driving at a speed limit of 60-80km/h. You should avoid driving from the right side unless you are overtaking, turning to a right lane, driving across a busy street or evading an obstacle.

Driving Around School or Hospital Zones

Another important piece of a lesson which your driving instructor in Newcastle upon Tyne presents is recommending you do not exceed 40 km/h.

Along with these crucial tips, by taking up quality driving lessons in Newcastle via licensed driving instructors, you also learn how to handle the car and navigate it safely even on the busiest of roads.

Before your practical driving training, you will receive theoretic lessons about the car’s specs, what purpose they have and when to use them. These lessons are topped off with real-time drive experience.

Safe to say, by the time, your training is complete and your license is obtained, you will know everything there is to know about safe driving. And when that happens, you will be more prepared to handle all sorts of road obstacles happening now and then.

So, don’t think twice about taking up driving lessons. It will go a long way in safeguarding your life on the road!

The 3 Habits That You Should Incorporate When Driving on the Road

Becoming an accomplished driver is no cakewalk as it takes a lot of effort to ensure that you handle the vehicle in the right way when on the road. Learning driving skills from parents or probably siblings does come to good use but when it comes to being a responsible driver, you get to be one only when you have undergone training from a professional driving school.

This isn’t a farce as even insurance companies, as well as loan providers, look out for certificates which prove that you are responsible on the road. Now only when you practise your skills do you become a perfect driver. Here are a few habits listed out that all most trained drivers follow.


Being observant

Coming from accomplished trainers at driving schools in Newcastle, this is a skill that is very important for all drivers no matter how much of practice that you hold. You have to keep your eyes on everything around you where you have to look ahead, the sides, the rear view, the car functionalities and most importantly the other lane alongside. Now simply looking into the mirrors doesn’t suffice as you have to look even closer. There are times when small cars get hidden behind small vehicles or probably at the corners behind trees, fences, etc. and that needs your attention to avoid accidents. When you pay attention to all that is happening around you, you tend to avoid accidents or probably traffic snarls.


Making use of the brakes and then changing gears

It is something commonly noticed that drivers for manual gears make use of it more and those who drive cars with automatic gears make use of it less than it should be. No matter what the terrain it is when you drive, it is always important to slow down with the help of the brakes and then change gears. This way, you do not put much of a pressure on the functionality of the vehicle and also prevent it from receiving the sudden jerk.


Maintaining a safe distance from other cars

The reason why there is the need to maintain a safe distance from the car ahead has two reasons to back it. The first is because you never know when the car ahead of you would encounter an emergency and there would be a need for you to make way for them. The second reason is associated with your vehicle. Your car too may encounter problems or emergencies, and there is the need for you to keep a space especially when you do not know when the car would stop after you have applied the brake.

While you diligently follow these habits, you get to watch yourself become an accomplished driver in the days to come.

Tips to Remain Confident While Opting for Driving Lessons

Some people are born confident. They don’t fear the challenges that only they can resolve. However, a lot of confident people lose track of their mind when they sir on the driver’s seat for the first time. The open roads of practising field with no traffic may appear to be a free zone for you but be assured of cleaning up the sweat on your palms before holding the steering wheel.

You ought to feel confident while learning to drive. Nervousness leads to panic, and it can finally lead you to a state of mind where you can lose control over the car and face a severe accident. Although the instructors play a significant role in making you feel confident about yourself, it is you who keeps the inner self-confidence alive and beat the issues gradually.

Driving Lessons Newcastle

Are you still doubtful about the methods you should apply to ignite the confidence? Here are some useful tips for you to succumb to the pressure.

• Increase the frequency of your lessons:

In the very first place, joining a good driving institute offering cheap driving lessons in Newcastle will prove to be the wisest decision. You may get approaches from your friends and family members who will promise to give you one hour of driving lesson per week.

Ask yourself, is it enough for you? Remember that the more frequently you drive your vehicle, the faster your driving skills will improve. Contact a driving school that offers learning sessions throughout a week without any stop. In this way, your fear of handling the car will be mitigated quicker than you have thought of.

Driving Lessons Newcastle

• Abide by what the instructors have to say:

Remember that it is about increasing your self-confidence, not about becoming overconfident. Therefore, consider it mandatory to listen to what the instructors have to say. While carrying out practical sessions under the supervision of the instructors, you will get to know the simple yet effective hacks of driving to mitigate the fear. The more you will pay heed to the driving lessons in Newcastle by expert driving instructors, the more supportive they will make. Considering the instructors as role models will inspire you to become as confident as them.

• Understand the functions of your vehicle:

You need to understand the functionalities of your car. Consider that you are going to take control of your car without letting the car taking control of you. Therefore, spend some time to understand how your vehicle responds. It is more like communicating with the car and following the pulse of your vehicle in a better way so that when you get down to the car, it listens to you instead of overpowering you.

Driving School Newcastle

Final Words:

Read the blogs learners, as well as experienced drivers, have shared. It will boost your morale and encourage you to polish your skills in the best way possible. It is quite common that you will fail in certain stages while learning how to drive. However, don’t lose hope thinking that it is not something that you cannot do. Feel positive after each learning session, and there is nothing that will stop you from cracking the driving test and pass with flying colours.

Different Aspects to Cover During Formal Driving Lessons

Learning how to drive gives an exciting experience in itself. On top of it, every long journey starts with a small move, and that is also applicable to build a driver’s career. Upon enrolling for driving lessons, people prepare themselves for practical driving tests and theory to hold the driving license. Now, a common question may crop up in your mind is what will be the covered topic comes under the basic car driving lessons in Newcastle? Even if it seems basic, it is an important question for those, who want to go for a formal driving lesson. Here are a few things to consider while choosing driving lessons-

Driving Car

Where to start?

It is important to understand that driving lesson doesn’t just cover moving the car. Driving takes a few more considerations that you get to learn over the period of time by your friends or family members. Well, it is a preliminary thing you may come across to get rid of nervousness or to know the basic things to move on wheels. Well, what about road safety measures? Do these few basic knowledge save you from being fined? No, not at all! To avoid penalties and to drive car compiled by the road safety measures, it takes training sessions under the verified trainer. After successful completion of the training phase, you would receive the license to drive the vehicle on the road. So, what are the things a trainer cover to educate you with the required driving skills? Let’s explore it below-

Driving Lessons

The physical aspect of the car: In other words, you will get to know how your car works. The instructor will make you informed about different components of the car. Well, knowing different components of a car help you to know how they function together/individually that you can utilise different features of it. Without all such knowledge, you may face trouble when the car breaks down midway. In a few words, knowing how your car works let you fix it if anything goes wrong.

Lesson on driving: Soon after you get to learn about the various components, the instructor will make you learn about driving in a straight line. Going by the niche of basic driving skills, you will be introduced to the levelled up difficulties. For example, as soon as you learn to measure the moves from one location to another on a curved path, you will be given a test drive filled with obstacles, and you have to learn to avoid them. After successful completion of the test drive along the curved path filled with obstacles, you will be introduced to the high ways for the test.

Learner Driver
Learner driver student driving a car with instructor, happy and confident smiling girl

Besides learning how to drive cars, you get to know some basic rules of the road. Some candidates take all these rules for granted and put less stress to make themselves aware of rules and regulations that eventually make them penalised on the road. It is also crucial to find local driving schools in Newcastle, as a qualified instructor make a candidate comfortable while teaching them to drive. Such competent instructors are aware of how much a vehicle is likely to comply with the legal requirements.

Perks of Newcastle Driving School over Parent-Taught Driving

Newcastle driving school

Parents always have the best interest of their child in every aspect. But learning from the professionals has its own perks be it anything. In the case of driving lessons in Newcastle, there is no substitute for getting to learn the rules of the road by the professionals themselves. Driving is a great responsibility as you have to keep your eyes and ears open apart from being thoroughly trained. This is because you have to be in full control of your vehicle as otherwise, your driving can pose a life threat to not only to your fellow travellers but also to the other commuters on the road.

The professional instructors of the reputed Newcastle driving school have years of experience of guiding students behind the wheels.  That is why they are a far better option than learning to drive alone or with the help of your relatives. Below are mentioned some of the perks of choosing the professionals.

  • Student Insurance Discounts – Insurance companies recognise students who are formally trained and accredited through driving school courses. They offer great discounts on insurance policies. On the other hand, students who are taught by their parents following the driving instruction manual do not receive the same level of discounts. This is because the companies know that the premium Newcastle driving school has the time and the resources for committing that are often not possible by the parents.
  • Conveniently Scheduled Classes – One of the greatest challenges that parents face while teaching their kids over 1500 pages of information is finding the time to train them throughout the week. But the professional schools teach them in scheduled classes that fit around their school or college hours. For parents who don’t have the time each week to teach their kids, it is best to sign up their daughter or son for driving schools.
  • Parents Taught Driving Linked to Higher Accident Rates – The latest data reveal that parent-taught drivers are more prone to commit accidents than those who are professionally trained. In fact, research shows that people who are taught by anyone but the professionals are involved in the most serious crashes. Parent-taught drivers are as much as three times more prone to accidents than those who are professionally trained.
  • Driving School Can be Cost Effective – Many-a-times, it so happens that parents go for self-teaching their kids to save the extra bucks. But, you should keep in mind that in order to teach, you need to purchase the parents-teaching drivers’ package. This will enable them to know all the laws of the land, signs and other critical information related to driving. But this way, they will miss out on the savings in the insurance when their kids begin to drive. But those who opt for the professional affordable driving lessons in Newcastle can avail the discounts on the car insurance. So this proves that the parent-taught driving may save a bit of money initially, but in the long run, these rarely provide value.
  • Right Experience of teaching – The professional schools have the apt experience and know where the students tend to lack. That is why they work on those weak points so that the trainee drivers can easily overcome them. This is something that the parents will not be able to deliver as they do not possess the required expertise and experience in the field.

The above are some of the reasons why you should always go for professional driving schools rather teaching your kids yourself. This way you prepare them better to hit the road and gain control in adverse conditions.

Things You Must Know Before Joining Newcastle Driving School

As time has progressed, driving schools have grown in demand exponentially. More individuals are getting to be keen on knowing more about them. These people, for the most part, incorporate adolescents who can hardly wait to get the wheel in their grasp. Gone are the days when the fathers used to show their children about how to drive. Nowadays they are keen on sending their children to the best driving school in Newcastle since it’s a significantly more efficient and advantageous method for learning.

These schools are to a great degree dependable

Everything that is identified with driving can undoubtedly be taken care of by these schools. Right from figuring out how to drive distinctive cars to insights about the engine and safe driving, you will get help with respect to everything in these schools. Presumably, the best thing about joining such schools is that they can help you lessen your tickets and insurance premiums. However, how would you locate the right driving school when there are so many choices? Keep in mind that the best schools are typically the ones which are suggested by your companions or relatives who have as of late taken such training.

Know more about the school

Newcastle Driving School

Indeed, even after you have chosen the school you will enrol in, there are numerous different components that you need to know of. One of your highest needs ought to be to discover as much as you can about the driving instructors. You ought to inquire about the duration of the instructors plying their trade. Additionally, it is imperative to know whether they will give both individual and coordinated training or not. In these affordable & best driving lessons in Newcastle, it is vital to have both theoretical and practical training. Precisely for this reason, you ought to ensure that the school specialises in such training.

Safe driving

This is a fundamental piece of training where you will be instructed how to drive safely and why utilising seat straps and airbags are so vital. Additionally, in this sort of training, you will find out about how to spot different drivers out and about alongside people on the road to forestall undesirable accidents.

Online courses

Nowadays everything is turning digital, and driving schools are the same. There are a few schools which offer online courses for safe driving which are hugely in demand these days. These courses incorporate recordings, writings and activities in an appealing way with the goal that it makes for a fascinating learning experience for you. Be it rules and regulations on speed limit or general safety information, everything is included in these courses. Likely the greatest and the most imperative disadvantage of this sort of training is that you won’t get any real practical experience.

There’s no denying the fact that nowadays, knowing how to drive is significantly important. Be that as it may, it’s basic to locate the right school in light of the fact that if you don’t, you are only squandering your time and money. A few people have this obscure thought that to enlist in such training one needs to possess an automobile but such assumptions are completely farfetched. During the training process, the driving schools in Newcastle where you are enrolling in will provide you with a car.

Driving Lessons in Newcastle to Make You a Better Driver

When you talk about driving to a novice, most of them get the jitters. Their instant reaction would be nervousness that they would make mistakes and meet with an accident. Building confidence is only possible if the person learns driving. Therefore, it is imperative to make driving lessons Newcastle not only easy but also interesting and exciting enough. In order to learn driving, it is essential to go for driving classes. A few simple tips need to be followed to make sure you enjoy the lessons and learn them better and faster!

Go to a driving school


Have you visited the best driving school in Newcastle lately? Yes, there are plenty of them, each with their claims to make you shine like an expert. However, it is essential to select one school with experience. The driving school that has experience in teaching amateurs to be better drivers in the future are certainly the best ones. The institute with more than 20 years of experience is a commendable one. However, less than 20 years of experience signifies that it is ‘just another good driving school’, but certainly not the ‘best one’.

Friendly teaching staff

Driving lessons in Newcastle gets simpler only if the teaching faculty is satisfying. Well, the driving institutes always hire teachers who are empowered with teaching experience. By the term, ‘good faculty’ here we mean teachers who are friendly and understand the anxiety and distress of the students during the learning process. A friendly teacher knows how to handle the student and assist the learner in bringing out the best in him or her. Each and every driving lesson can get simple; provided you have come to the right trainer who will match up with your wavelength and make your learning curve go higher.

Stress more on practical classes

Reading the book of instructions to learn driving can be a real pain and you won’t learn much. Then why waste your time? Ask your teacher for more practical classes. If you develop cold feet during practical lessons, remember that once you get a grip on it, things can get interesting. When you get enrolled in a driving school Newcastle, ask them how many practical classes they provide you with and along with that select the best trainer of your choice to make sure you enjoy the experience.

Practise every single day

Since you are new to driving, it is imperative to practise driving lessons probably every day. Even missing out a single day is not warranted. It can be easy to learn like a stiff zombie and get the driving license you so desire, but what after that? When you start driving in the alone without the trainer by your side, things can be tough. So, it is important to practise driving on your own and report to your instructor if you face any adversities.

So, without delay take the first step and adhere to the first tip mentioned here, go to a driving school and get started with the best institute!

5 Fundamental Instructor Attributes for Driving Lessons Newcastle

The trainee-instructor relationship plays a crucial role while taking driving lessons in Newcastle. This is a standout amongst the most indispensable lessons that will help you significantly in your future life. It does not need to be said that this procedure continues for a long traverse of time. This relationship is a standout amongst the major conclusive factors that will let you know whether you will be able to achieve your objective at the end of the driving lesson.

Driving Lessons Newcastle

The attributes of your driving educator are going to decide whether you will have the capacity to break the driving test in the primary endeavour or not. An incredible driving teacher is going to keep himself overhauled and adaptable for the benefit of the student. This will guarantee that the learners are able to internalise the coveted skills and be confident. That is why discourse is presented here about the most coveted traits of the ideal driving teacher that the best driving schools like Novocastrian Driver Training School offer.

  • Well-informed– The principal characteristics that your instructor must have are the apt knowledge and proper perception of the driving tests. He should be well-equipped with the perseverance and the right skill set to drive and take care of different situations.


  • Punctuality – This happens to be the principal indication of control. The instructor must be exceptionally prompt and reach the training venue well before time. He should also pay attention to whether the lessons are being covered and revised in the correct way. Novocastrian Driver Training School gives careful consideration to discipline as well as punctuality and sees to it that the students are satisfied with what they have learnt.


  • Multitasking – This is a standout amongst the essential characteristics that an instructor has. For the most part, a Newcastle driving school offers you the decision of learning in your vehicle or the special vehicle of the school that comprises of the twofold controls. This is the reason why it is necessary for the mentor to master the skill of multitasking. So he needs to give you guidelines, screen how you are driving and in the meantime have an eye out and about and control the automobile at whatever point there is a demand.


  • Patience – This is another of the requirements that any instructor or teacher must have. Figuring out how to take the U-turns and parking your car in the proper way are some of the hardest things o learn and needs lots of practice to ace. Along these lines, it is essential that your teacher has the persistence to wait as you master the craft with time.


  • Pleasant – Anyone with a lovely and pleasant personality is easy to get along. This is another quality that your instructor must own. This is because this will enable the students to be free and comfortable with him which, in turn, will make the learning process easier for them. This is especially required for those trainees who are apprehensive and unadulterated novices.


The above are some of the imperative qualities that each instructor giving Newcastle driving lessons must possess to instruct the trainees in the most ideal way possible.

Imperatives of the First Newcastle Driving Lessons

Learning to drive has become essential these days. For this, it is crucial that you select the apt driving school in Newcastle. Getting behind the wheels may turn out to be quite nerve-wracking at first. It is a big day for you when you go out on the first day of getting your driving lessons. This makes it necessary that you have a fair idea of what to expect on the first day of your driving experience.

Newcastle driving lessons

Prior to Taking Your Lessons

  • Don’t drink on the night before taking the lesson
  • Get some good amount of sleep on the night before
  • Taking ample breakfast is a must
  • Go for very comfortable, non-slippery shoes so that you are able to drive safely
  • You can take your glasses if you require them
  • Don’t forget to take your provisional licence at the time you need them

The Pick-Up  

If you are thinking that you will board the car and get into the driving seat straight away then you will be pleased to know that this is not the situation.  At first, you will be getting into the passenger seat and then the instructor will take you to a quiet place for teaching the first steps of the Newcastle driving lessons. This includes comprehending the basic steps of driving.

Safety Measures

After you are brought to a place that is quiet and has a low traffic, you will be asked by your instructor to switch seats. This may seem a bit weird. But this is done so that you can have the basic lessons in the proper manner and be familiar with the things that need to be done before boarding the car.

These safety measures include the following:

  • Doors must be closed
  • Steering position must be established
  • Sitting in a comfortable position
  • Mirrors must be adjusted in the proper manner
  • Seatbelts must be put on

These are known as cockpit drill. You should be well accustomed to these techniques and must ensure that they are properly accomplished every time you start driving.

Learning the Controls

After this, you will get to know about the accelerator, the brake and the clutch and how to use them. You may also learn how to use the indicator and how to go about changing the gear. You should always ask the instructor time and again if you need to know about any query that you need to clarify.

Getting to know the road

Finally, it is time to know the road well. Before you go about starting the engine a few procedures will be explained to you by your instructor like the following:

  • Controlling the clutch including the biting point
  • Getting ready to use your gears while moving
  • Signalling with the help of your indicator
  • Checking the blind spots as well as the mirror
  • Restricting side parking
  • Changing gear

The above are some of the things that you may expect on the first day of lesson from Newcastle driving school. So just be prepared and gear up for your first day behind the wheels.