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Extensive Driving Lessons in Newcastle NSW

Driving Lessons Newcastle

Safe driving, we believe, is a crucial part of a quality lifestyle. You learn to drive safe, minimise chances of road accidents – and as such go on to ensure overall road safety and avoid compensation-related issues (in case you cause damage to others’ property) as well.

Get set for hassle-free driving

At the heart of the driving lessons offered by Novocastrian Driver Training is “safety”. As a reputed driving school in Newcastle, we ensure that our students are acquainted with the nuances of road safety so that they can enjoy the benefits of hassle-free driving to the fullest. Steered by a distinguished driving instructor – Steve Reilly- Novocastrian Driver Training aims to bring quality driving lessons to students within affordable fee brackets. Reilly is not only the owner of the company (established in 2006) but also one of the instructors.

So, if you are looking for quality driving lessons in Newcastle then look no further than Novocastrian Driver Training.


Our Policies

Our experts have devised a comprehensive lesson plan– designed to expose students to quality driving both through theoretical and practical instructions. So, as a part of our school, you are not only getting an opportunity to master the safe driving techniques but also to overcome initial jitters as a driver. We want you to enjoy your driving experience thoroughly. The driving lessons in Newcastle NSW are thus geared to fulfil this particular objective.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to learn driving from scratch or refine your already existing skills – we offer you access to quality expertise to fulfil diverse needs with success. Our instructors are known to pay special attention to individual needs with unparalleled meticulousness. You can get in touch with us to find out details of our courses.

Transparency has played a pivotal role in driving our success as a leading driving school in Newcastle (and surrounding areas). As such, we are committed to informing you about the credentials of trainers whose services you are investing in. Let us tell you that we have a stringent recruitment process in place – whereby we take great pains to scrutinise skills closely before getting trainers on board. Your skills are going to be shaped by their skills. So, there’s no compromise there.

So, access our Newcastle driving lessons without delay! Please call 0402 145 839 for all enquires and booking.

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